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Cloud Storage

Secure. Convenient. Cool.

Move up to better file storage and management

What is the cloud?

The cloud is simply a large data centre, filled with servers, redundant power, HVAC, and multiple layers of security, all connected to high bandwidth internet connections and to other similar data centres. 

The cloud is a place where all data, applications, and services can be hosted, and delivered to customers anywhere in the world. 

Instead of relying on your computer and an external hard drive, moving your data to the cloud means it is secure, accessible, and protected in ways you could never practically manage in your own office. 

Putting your files in the cloud can mean not only is your data on your hard drive, but a synchronized copy of your data is also in a secure location in a data centre. This allows your data to be available in ways you never thought possible. 

All your data on all your devices. The same data that is on your PC is also available to you on your phone, tablet, your other PCs, and from any internet connected computer in the world. 

Stop emailing files to yourself and your team. Stop keeping data on thumbdrives. Stop trying to manage multiple versions of files. 

Let Spitfire IT introduce you to the power, convenience, and security of cloud storage.  Contact us to find out more. 

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