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Tech Support

We partner with our customers and strive to provide you with solid I.T. solutions so that your systems run efficiently, securely, and trouble-free.

IT Support Services For Growing And Successful Organizations

Frustrated by Windows?

Find it difficult to do what should be simple tasks?

Computer running slow?

Spitfire will help you get the most out of Windows by setting up and organizing your computer so that it works the way you want it to.


We provide instruction and guidance on all computer tasks including:


  • Windows 10 upgrades

  • Organizing your data

  • Email management

  • Cloud storage and backups

  • Tuning your computer for maximum performance

  • Performing crucial maintenance tasks that will ensure your computer runs reliably and trouble free

  • Securing your computer against virus and security threats

  • Protecting access to your information and files​

We also partner with quality hardware vendors to provide you with options on new computers, monitors, and laptops.


These include new machines from companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, or quality refurbished machines at great prices. 

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