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About Spitfire I.T.

About Us


Spitfire focuses on the user. We provide support to businesses who rely on technology to get things done. This includes solid email systems, strong data security, data-loss prevention, and help with all flavours of the Windows operating system and programs. We get excited about helping people get the most out of their technology!


We often refer to our customers as partners because we feel invested in their success. As well as providing them with tools, systems and knowledge to improve their efficiency, we also take pride in the fact that we’re helping them get things done in a better way, every day.


If you're a local Hamilton area business, I’m happy to provide a no-cost visit to your place of business and listen to you on what isn’t working for you.  We can discuss our services and make recommendations, and then take it from there.  


My name is Chris Black and I have owned and operated Spitfire I.T. Services since 2005. 


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My tech journey started at Radio Shack in the early 80s and I’ve been involved in the tidal wave of innovation that has changed the world since then.


Spitfire provides services that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals get the most out of technology.


We’re surprisingly affordable. We don’t have fancy offices or huge overhead. This allows us to keep our rates well below normal rates from big I.T. companies.


We partner with our customers and strive to provide them with solid I.T. solutions so that their systems run efficiently, securely, and trouble-free. Let us do the same for you.


We provide friendly and personal service to our customers. All our communications are courteous, honest, and delivered in plain language.


What Our Clients Say

Dan Pope

Dansway Logistics,

Ancaster, ON

We contacted Spitfire IT because our email and computer systems were frustrating the heck out of us! Chris and his team came onsite and in short order upgraded us to Office 365, installed enterprise grade anti-virus software, and cleaned everything else up. They were reliable, honest, and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

James Verbeek
Allfleet Truck & Trailer,

Jerseyville, ON

Great customer service and support. Always there when I need them, and able to resolve our I.T. problems quickly. 

Margitta Christiansen
MC Designs

Toronto, ON

I've been relying on Chris and his team for IT support for both my business and personal systems for a decade now.  He navigated me through a "virus emergency" and since then I've entrusted all tech requirements and regular maintenance to his company.  They're trustworthy, competent and solution oriented.  I highly recommend Spitfire!

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