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Still using Windows 7? It’s time to upgrade to Windows 10

Maybe you like Windows 7. Maybe you’re just comfortable with it and don’t want to change. You might even be using Windows Vista, Window 8.1, or even Windows XP (I hope not!).

The fact is that it’s time to upgrade your machines to Windows 10.

Windows XP, 7, Vista, and 8.1 are all on track to be retired. Microsoft has already closed support channels for Windows 7, and the clock is ticking towards January 2020, when security updates end. What this means is that when security updates end, bad guys will exploit holes in security and because Microsoft is no longer plugging them, your machine, data, and network become vulnerable to attack.

At this time Windows 10 is reaching huge numbers of installations globally, and there is a steady stream of updates and improvements being made. Windows 10 has a lot of great new features and has many similarities to Windows 7 with respect to menus and navigation. You won’t have too much trouble adapting to Window 10.

If you are currently running Window 7 or Windows 8.1, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for no additional licence fee. This is a great deal, but Microsoft could end it at any time, so take advantage while you can. (At this time, a Windows 10 Pro licence fee is $260, so the free option is the way to go!)

There are two ways to move to Windows 10.

Method number 1 is to do an in-place upgrade, which basically plops Windows 10 on top of Windows 7 (or 8.1).

This method preserves your files and programs, so you don’t have to reinstall them, however we do not recommend this method to our clients. On many occasions we have encountered corruption issues, freezing, crashing, and general unreliability.

Method number 2 is to do a clean install. This is the method we highly recommend as Windows 10 is installed from scratch and you’re basically left with a machine that feels brand new. All your files and programs must be restored and reinstalled, but the process is much cleaner, and you will have a better Windows 10 experience.

If you have any questions about Windows upgrades, we’re experts. Feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to provide you with no-nonsense solutions to your technology needs.


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